What is iWrapper?

iWrapper is a digital rights management solution that allows publishers to securely manage and distribute Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office documents. iWrapper technology is ideal for the distribution of secure digital publications within and outside enterprise networks as it protects your documents unauthorized access. Files protected by iWrapper regardless of where ever they are distributed, are highly protected from any potential leak and danger.

Protection of Adobe and Microsoft Office Documents

iWrapper provides protection to your Adobe and Microsoft Office documents. To ensure highest level of security the documents protected by iWrapper are distributed as Windows Executable (EXE) and Windows Compressed (ZIP) files.

Complete control on Document Viewing and Printing

iWrapper allows its users to apply persistent and dynamic policies to maintain document confidentiality, usage and availability. Users of this product through detailed access logs can monitor and keep a track of their protected documents. They can assess how their file that is protected by iWrapper is viewed or printed by the end users.

Setting of Document Expiration Options

iWrapper Document Expiration feature allows you to specify the document’s expiration options. By the implementation of this feature the publishers of the document can restrict viewing or printing options of that document after a specified time period.

Users (publishers) can avail the expiration by days or expiration by date options. Expiration by days expires the document (makes it unavailable for printing or viewing) after a specified number of days that are set by the user.

Through Expiration by date feature the user (publisher) can declare the document as expired on a certain date which will revoke the viewer’s access to that document.

Subscription based model for your Customers

iWrapper subscription based document distribution model allows publishers to distribute protected content among the subscribers of their customers. Available subscriptions types are:
  • Individual Document
  • Collection of Documents
  • Flex

HTML/HTML5 based iWrapper Online Viewer

iWrapper keeps your source documents on the server while sending encrypted copies to user’s browsers through HTML/HTML5 powered iWrapper Online Viewer.
  • Browser based digital rights management (DRM) restricts printing, text copying, and downloading
  • Optimized loading and paging of the protected content

Manage Access and Usage Rights

iWrapper makes it easy for you to manage access and usage rights to protected files dynamically. iWrapper protected document security policy is stored at the server-side. iWrapper allows you to revise and revoke access to the usage rights at anytime without reissuing a file after it has been distributed. Updated access restrictions are applied when the file is accessed again.


iWrapper is a digital rights management solution that allows publishers to securely manage and distribute Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office documents.

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