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iWrapper –Providing the power to secure your document by protecting its digital rights.

iWrapper DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution enables you to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information by right-protecting critical files against unauthorized access. It protects your Adobe PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents from unauthorized access and gives you the complete control to restrict your document from viewing and printing.

What is iWrapper?

Secure eBook delivery made simple. iWrapper is a complete digital publishing solution for publishers and distributors.


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Why Choose iWrapper?

iWrapper delivers an unparalleled service and user experience for publishers and distributors.


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Our Happy Customers

I started with iWrapper Basics; it really had no subscription fee. After testing it I am satisfied and now plan to switch to their Premium Package as I have chosen this suite for the publication of my Medical News Letter.

Diana Sher, Department of Cardiology, Hearts International.

I usually stay out of country for business reasons. iWrapper helps me to establish a secure connection with my office. Earlier, due to security reasons, access to the important documents was not available from outside the office networks. With the help of iWrapper, I can now view those documents within no time without any security risks as I am just a click away.

Ana Clark, Business Development Manager, Ideal Solutions.

iWrapper has really helped me in establishing my business and increasing my revenue as it has provided me a solid and secure platform through which my publications are protected from unauthorized access, which had been a great problem in the past.

David Thomas, CEO, Old Book publications.

With iWrapper DRM Solution

imagine the possibilities


Total security of digital content before distribution

Documents Sharing

Sharing of sensitive Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint documents with confidentiality

Documents Access

Control document access and usage rights through dynamic and persistent policies for confidentiality, privacy, and accountability

Cost Effectiveness

Increase cost effectiveness by streamlining different processes related to the document


At iWrapper, we believe in the availability of eBooks to everyone. Let us help you reach the largest audience in the most secure, fast, and affordable way possible.


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