Empowering Nonprofit Organizations to Secure PDFs.

iWrapper provides NPOs and NGOs with essential security tools to protect sensitive documents.

Guaranteed Customer Privacy

iWrapper supports the protection of consumer information and consumer privacy. iWrapper gives you the capability to install a cookie banner that conveys to your consumers of their data protection and privacy rights.

NGOs and NPOs Files Security
Safely Share Your PDFs

Track and Analyze Document Usage

iWrapper lets you monitor the online usage of your PDF documents through a simple and intuitive web portal. Usage and sales reports can also be generated and exported in Excel file format for offline use.

Secure Distribution of PDF Documents

iWrapper provides security features that encrypt PDF documents, ensure their safe distribution, and limit document access by people in a specific geographical location. iWrapper also protects against unauthorized access using VPNs.

Economical PDF Security System

Why Nonprofit Organizations Choose iWrapper?

End-to-end encryption of documents.
Ensure that your documents are only accessible through your preferred links.
Restrict copying and printing of documents through secure browser-based PDF viewer.
Expire documents anytime to avoid getting your documents in the wrong hands.
Restrict viewing of your documents based on locations from which they are being accessed.
Track usage and monitor who is viewing your documents.

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