Protect your reprints business with document security.

iWrapper offers best-in-class document encryption and e-commerce support to support your reprinting business needs.

Protect your IPR.

If you have a reprinting business, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) can be an ongoing concern and you will want to protect your reprinting business from unauthorized access. iWrapper allows you to safeguard your reprints with end-to-end encryption and secure online distribution. A lot of time and effort goes into developing specially designed covers for your reprinted documents. Save your efforts and make sure that your reprints are accessible to only those individuals who are licensed to its use. iWrapper also lets you monitor online traffic related to the use of your documents through a simple and intuitive web portal. Usage and sales reports can also be generated and exported in Excel file format for offline use.​
Search and Print Your Documents Easily
Generate revenue as STM publishers

License documents and generate revenue.

Start selling reprints on your website using iWrapper’s built-in e-commerce support. iWrapper makes it easy to set a price for your reprinted PDFs and start earning with ease. Customers who purchase these PDFs can either view the documents on an encrypted browser-based PDF viewer or download the reprinted file to their system with their name and contact details watermarked on each page. You can also distribute your reprints using a subscription-based model. Subscriptions allow you to give reprint access to your customers for a set duration (e.g., one year). iWrapper ensures that your customers pay regularly to continue accessing your reprinted document files.​

No third-party installations required to view documents.

iWrapper provides hassle-free viewing of PDF documents in browsers with full HTML5 support. There is no need to install third-party tools or widgets in your browser to access documents. When customers click on an iWrapper-protected web link to your document which they have access to, the reprint will load in a secure PDF viewer in their browser. You can also use your own logo and brand colors to customize the PDF Viewer to fit your own corporate branding.

Browser-based PDF Viewer

Powerful tools to help securely distribute your reprints and generate additional revenue.

End-to-end encryption of reprints.
Full HTML5 browser-based PDF Viewer with no need for additional third-party tools.
Watermarking of each page of the reprint with customer’s information.
Restrict copying and printing of reprints and set expiration.
Monetize your documents with one-time purchasing or subscription options.
Track usage and sales history of your reprinted files.
Customize the PDF Viewer to use your own logo and brand colors.
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