Protect, Distribute, and Monitor Your Documents with Ease.

With iWrapper, you have easy-to-use tools to restrict or allow consumption of your online documents.

Everything you need to manage your online documents.

iWrapper provides all the tools you need to manage document collections, upload documents, set access policies, and share links.

PDF Management

Create Collections

iWrapper allows you to conveniently organize your online PDF documents into collections. Create and manage collections as groups of documents that share the same access-level rights and distribution policy.
Setting Up Security Policies for PDFs

Set Policy

You can define the policy for each collection based on how the documents will be distributed. iWrapper allows you to apply copying, printing, cross-domain and location restrictions. Document access expiration may also be specified by end date or duration.

Upload Documents

You can easily upload your documents and assign them to one or more collections. Simply drag-and-drop your PDF files to securely upload to the cloud. Easily distribute the same document with different policies by assigning it to multiple collections.
Create a Web Link for a PDF Document

Share Link

Simply share the generated links on your website of choice to make them available online. If you have opted for cross-domain restriction, the link will only work when the user clicks on the link through your website. Clicking on the link will open the document in iWrapper Viewer.

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